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SubZero Drain, Gasket and Evaporator Repair Diagnosis
Customer Zoom Repair

This refrigerator had multiple problems, that started with the customer
ordering a gasket, that he thought was causing all the problems.
After speaking with him, I told him there was more than one thing
going on, not related to each other. We went on Zoom, and I identified
with him following my directions, that the gasket is not the problem
but due to it's age, should be replaced, but that he had a drain that was
plugged up, and also was low on freon, and needed the evaporator,
heat exchanger and compressor replaced, to get his 20 yr old unit back
to new condition! He didn't have to go buy a new unit for over $10
Grand, as he was told, but using my Restoration Sealed System Kits
I have available, he could save $8 Plus Thousand dollars, and wouldn't have
to get rid of his refrigerator that had wooden door panels custom made
for it, and also wouldn't have to remodel his kitchen, saving him an additional
$20 to $40 thousand dollars! This is very common and very likely will
happen to your unit also, so if you have been told you need a New SubZero
and your cannot be fixed contact me, and I will guide you in the right
direction to fix your older and better unit, and save you many thousands
of dollars!

Sure enough, the customer pulled the back panel out of the inside of the refrigerator
and only 2 passes of the evaporator were frosted, which is what is causing the back panel
to frost and ice up, as we discussed was very likely in the video. He thought it was being caused
by the gasket not sealing, but that is just a separate problem, not related or causing the icing
on the back panel. It did allow him to identify the evaporator leaking propblem though, before
it lost more freon and started to warm up to 50-70 degress, which was only a matter of a very short
time. This is also why he was saying it is running all the time, because the cooling is being overworked
to create the same cooling the entire evaporator being frosted would create, and quicker. It is using
a lot of electricitiy, more than usual, running all the time, to meet the set temp. The unit is about
20 years old, so this is the perfect situation where the restoration kit come sin, to replace all the
sealed system parts, evaporator, heat exchanger, compressor, so that he can get another 20 years
out of the unit. It is also always suggested, if you are going to restore the sealed system, that you also
replace the hardened gasket, after 20 years, and the thermostat,
which has lived it's life and will fail sometime soon, as well.

See the pic below of the evaporator as he sent to me.
Only about half full of freon!
Just a little more time and loss of freon and it warms way up!
He caught it in time so he didn't lose cooling and food!

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